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Nigella Spiced cauliflower and chick pea salad with parsley and pomegranate seeds

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1 head of cauliflower 3 tablespoons olive oil 1 teaspoon garam masala 3 teaspoons cumin seeds 1 tin (400g) chickpeas 1 bird eye chilli, finely chopped (use at your discretion!) 4 vine tomatos salt to taste seeds from half a pomegranate Large bunch of flat leaf parsely half quantity of coriander to parsley juice from half a lime


Nigella creates a lovely fresh, spicy salad with cauliflower, parsley, chick peas and pomegranate seeds. We love this recipe as it's so simple with a few ingredients. We have created our own recipe which uses extra cumin seed, lime and fresh coriander and we have exchanged cinnamon for garam masala for an extra eastern hit of flavour. Divide your cauliflower into small to medium pieces while your ove comes up to temperature - 220C or gas mark 7. In a mixing bowl add your oil, garam masala, cumin seeds, lime juice and finely chopped chilli, mix everything together and then toss your cauliflower in the mixture to coat the florets eveninly. Tip the now spiced cauliflower into a roasting tray, ensuring as much of the chopped ingredients make it into the tray as possible. Now drain your chickpeas and add them to the mixing bowl. Toss the chickpeas in the remains of the spicy mixture before cutting your tomatos into four and adding them to the bowl as well. mix these ingredients again in the remains of the spicy mixture. When you oven is up to temperature, roast your spiced cauliflower for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes tip in the spicy chickpeas and tomatoes and placed back in hte oven for another 15 mintues. While your spiced caulifflower and chickpeas are roasting, prepare a bed of parsley and coriander. When cooked, spoon the cauliflower, chickpeas and tomatos over the parslet and coriander and sprinkle over the pomegranate seeds.