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Nigel Slater's Mozzarella with basil crust

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This is a great fresh recipe from Nigel Slater. Tomato and basil are a combination made in heaven, throw Mozzarella and Parmesan cheese in and nothing can go wrong. This recipe would be great as a light summer lunch, or as a starter for a more special evening meal. Nigel starts by halving and de-seeding his tomatoes before chopping them roughly. He spreads the chopped tomatoes out in a enamelled dish, covering the bottom surface. He then tears the basil leaves and places them over the top of the tomatoes. Nigel then prepares his crust by whizzing up his bread in a food processor to make a mixture of fine and coarse crumbs, which sprinkles over the tomato and basil. Nigel tops off the contents of the dish with a good grating of Parmesan cheese over the top, he adds a good grind of black pepper before placing it under a hot grill until the top starts to go crispy and turn golden brown. While his dish is under the grill Nigel tears up his ball of Mozzarella and places it on a plate. He then creates a dressing for the Mozzarella by whizzing up a bunch of Basil and flat leaf Parsley leafs with some Olive oil. He drizzles the oil and herb mixture over the Mozzarella and places his Salami slices in between spaces around the cheese. Nigel takes the crust out from under the grill and using a spatula, he places pieces of it over the top of the Mozzarella and Salami.