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Nigel Slater, Simple Cooking - Spicy and cool

For Nigel's third episode of his Simple cooking series he will be treating us to some great recipes which contrast between hot and spicy and cool and refreshing. If you haven't already realised, Nigel is fascinated by interesting combinations in flavours and sensations, and there's nothing more contrasting than the subject if this episode. So, what't on the menu for episode 3? Well, first up is an all-time classic of Indian AND English cuisine, the good old chicken curry. This won't be any old curry though, as Nigel is certain to add a little something extra to intrigue those tastebuds. Moving on from curry, Nigel will show us a great spicy tomato stew recipe which he contrasts with the natural cooling properties of yoghurt. In addition to these great recipes Nigel will make a trip Bristol to see a man about some peppers, he will show us a new and interesting slant on a traditional pudding, and create a dish of peppercorns and soft fruit which sounds really interesting. Be sure to catch Nigel's show on Friday 7 October at 19:30 on BBC One