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Masterchef the professionals 2011 - Episode 2

Welcome to episode 2 of Masterchef the professionals 2011. After proving themselves to Monica Galetti in the first round, the contestants get to meet Michel Roux Jr. for the first time, and are given a real challenge to sort the men from the boys. In tonight's show the group of ten have been split in two, with the second group meeting their challenge tomorrow evening. In the group tonight were Sebastien, Dan, Oli, Ben and Steve. To start the contestants are put to work by Monica Galetti making three caramel decorations on panna cotta. This was a skill test and would tell Monica who has the experience and natural ability to go one step further. Monica starts with a demonstration making two nests of caramel and a spiral, then it's the boys turn! First up was Dan who after a poor start in the first round fails to impress with his caramel art, leaving Monica and Gregg disappointed. Second was Sebastien who impressed with his tasting and presentation yesterday. He managed a reasonable attempt at a spun sugar, but failed to impress with the other two. Next up was Ben from Cornwall who impressed yesterday with great flavours in his duck recipe. Ben gets off to a good start with his caramel, and creates two pieces of decoration, but fails to complete a third. Ben's spiral impresses but his lattice piece was to large. Steve was fourth, and gave himself nothing to be embarrassed about yesterday. His sugar work also impressed Monica and Gregg by getting two of his decorations right. Finally for the skills test was Oli who confirmed his technical ability yesterday with a flavoursome duck recipe. His presentation was lacking though, so he had to pull out the stop with his sugar work. Oli failed to make three decorations. His caramel basket went down OK, but the other two attempts were not up to scratch. Who leaves Masterchef professionals first? Now that Monica has seen what the first group has to offer, it's down to her and Gregg to decide who stays and who goes, and it's Dan who was gutted not to be able to cook for Michel Roux Jr later in the completion. Check back for more Masterchef professionals updates soon.