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Lorraine Pascale returns with a new show - Cooking made easy

Fans of Lorraine Pascale will be pleased to see her return to the kitchen and our TV screens next week, when the first episode of her new cooking show, Cooking made easy will be screened. Lorraine's first attempt at a cookery show - Baking made easy, was met with massive approval and viewing figures, and now the UK's newest queen of the kitchen will be showing us some great cooking tips along with some top recipes. So what can we expect from Lorraine's first show? Well to start things off Lorraine will be treating us with a warming roasted butternut squash soup with chilli and ginger, which is certain to be rich and luxurious, and just right as the evenings start to draw in. Next on the menu is a great pasta recipe that will look after the purse strings and provide that comfort food appeal. Lorraine's easy home-made cracked black pepper pasta, which she will serve with a creamy pancetta, mushroom and parmesan sauce, is guaranteed to please the fussiest tea-time diners. It would'nt be right if there was nothing chocolatey or sweet on the menu, so Lorraine will be treating us to two yummy and naughty recipes. Chocolate marshmallow brown sugar fudge will be her first, and Lorraine will follow this up with gorgeous peppermint cream sugar rush - sounds amazing! Also in the first show, Lorraine will show us an increasingly popular recipe of Asian chili jam, before providing us with some useful tips on what to keep in the stores so you're alway prepared. To finish things off Lorraine will be cooking amazing five-spice baked ribs with sticky honey and sesame sauce. Dessert will be provide in the form of Lorraine's Swiss roll bowl cake. Lorraine's first episode of Cooking made easy looks like a winner, be sure to watch it on BBC Two at 08:30pm on Monday 26 September, and check back here for all of the recipes in detail.