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Kev is second contestant to leave Masterchef the professionals 2011

In tonight's show it was the second groups turn take up Monica Galetti's challenge. Last night it was caramel decorations, which couldn't be further from tonight's challenge which was to make a crab salad. After Monica Galetti finishes her demonstration on how to do it, the contestants take it in turns to try their hand at the crab salad, and unfortunately this was the beginning of the end for Kev. He failed to add any white meat to the salad and he added too much lime for Monica and Gregg Wallace's taste. Prior to the final decision Kev said that he would be gutted to go home on such a simple task. Unfortunately it would appear that the pressure got to him right when it mattered, as he failed to meet the judges expectations. Before leaving the Masterchef professional studios Kev said he was “Gutted, disappointed in myself, because I could have done a lot better.” It would appear that the nerves got the better of Kev and that was enough for Monica to make her decision. There are now 8 contestants left in Masterchef the professionals, check back soon for more updates.