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Great British Food Revival - Herbs and cabbage

You might think that a TV program featuring cabbage as a main ingredient would be a real turn off but stay with us here, this is the Great British Food Revival so if you enjoy a bit of cabbage, you’re in for a treat. It is a widely known fact that British produce never gets a fair go, and often you will see huge ranges of produce from countries like Spain and Portugal placed in front of our own home grown varieties. Herbs are a fine example of this, and episode six of The Great British Food Revival sets out to champion the amazingly diverse range of produce grown in the UK. We think there will be some surprises in this episode, where herbs that you would never associate with cooking are used to make some gorgeous recipes. Appearing in Herbs and cabbage will be Mary Berry, a true ambassador of British recipes and produce. Mary will be showing us how to grow and keep our herbs fresh, and will show us some great herby recipes including a lemon balm ice cream. Jason Atherton makes an appearance in episode six where he will tell us all about how fresh produce is the way to go. Using what’s in season rather than cheating and buying imported and inferior versions of our produce, is a much preferred approach which will encourage people to learn new recipes and to love our local produce. In particular Jason loves cabbage, he has used it many times in recipes at his restaurant and he takes this opportunity to show us how to turn this vegetable - which is often perceived as bland and boring, into something to really enjoy. You can watch the Great British Food Revival at 7.00pm on Thursday nights on BBC Two.