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Lorraine Pascale's Chocolate digestive cheesecake

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On tonight's show we watched Lorraine cook a nice and simple chocolate cheesecake using a tried and tested method. Using Cream cheese as the filling for a cheesecake is such a good idea as it means there's no cooking needed, it just needs a couple of hours to set in the fridge! We are big fans of Lorraine's simple approach to cooking and we think her cheesecake recipe is a perfect example of this. We particularly liked how Lorraine made this recipe her own by adding the white chocolate swirls on top of the dark chocolate. If you watched the program, you will havec noticed that she made the dark chocolate filling first, allowed this to set, and then added the white chocolate on top, what a great idea! If you fancy trying your hand at a cheesecake, we have created a basic recipe for you in our No cook chocolate cheesecake recipe. Top tips for getting a great cheesecake Use a spring form cake tin as this will allow you to release the cheesecake when it has set. Be sure to spread your digestive base firmly into the edges of your cake tin. Spread your filling out with a spatula to get a really nice flat finish.