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Jamie Oliver Sausage Carbonara Recipe

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Jamie Oliver makes a super comforting recipe with his sausage carbonara dish. It has all the ingredients for a quick, simple meal that's full of flavour and has everything you could ask for as the evenings draw in. A great alternative sausage meatball recipe!


free range Cumberland Sausages 150 grams Tagliatelle pasta Free range eggs Flat leaf pasley Parmesan Cracked black pepper corns


Jamie begins his sausage carbonara recipe by placing his pasta into seasoned boiling water. He then takes three sausages. Using his fingers he pinches out approx 6 balls from each sausage, they don't have to be too neat. Jamie then cracks fresh black pepper corns in a pestle and mortar and sieves it onto a chopping board to remove the black pepper husk. He then roles the sausage balls over the black pepper to season them. Jamie then adds a little oil to a pan and fries the sausage meatballs. He then cracks an egg and some chopped parsley into a bowl along with 30 grams of grated parmesan, he mixes it all up. When the pasta is cooked, Jamie takes the pasta out of the water and adds it to the sausages. He adds a little dash of the hot pasta water to the eggs and then pours that into the frying pan with the sausages and pasta to make the carbonara. He tosses the ingredietns until they are all mixed, adding water if required for the perfect texture before plating up.