Lorraine Pascale has been many things in life including an internationaly successful model, but thank goodness she has decided to settle on one of her all-time favourite passions, cooking.

We are avid watchers of Lorraine on TV.  Her cooking provides an interesting twist to established recipes, as well as bringing something new and fresh to the table.

Click on a recipe title below to find out when Lorraine Pascale's recipes first appeared on TV and where you can find them now.

Beef Wellington is one of those really indulgent recipes, and Lorraine made a great version today with morel mushrooms. The advantage of this beef wellington parcels recipe is that it allows you to choose the portion sizes for each of your diners.

Finally a scotch egg recipe that's easy to follow and just works.  Both Lorraine and Heston Blumenthal recommend using cling film to form your scoth eggs, and it's a great tip that makes a big difference.

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