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Beef Wellington parcels

Everyone loves the classic Beef Wellington recipe which uses a large piece of fillet steak at its heart.  We have created a simple twist on this favourite recipe by using individual pieces to create parcels.


  • 4 beef fillets (choose size depending appetite)
  • 4 shallots
  • 10 Chestnut mushrooms
  • 10 field mushrooms
  • 2 knobs butter
  • Approx 1 small wine glass of sherry
  • 1 bunch of fresh thyme stalks removed
  • 500 Grams puff pastry
  • Egg wash
  • Splash of sherry
  • 200ml double cream


The advantage of our beef wellington parcels recipe is that it allows you to choose the portion sizes for each of your diners.


The pastry

  1. Prepare the puff pastry first by rolling it out into a large square, and cutt it into four equal smaller squares.  You should be looking to form individual squares large enough to enclose your beef fillets and the mushroom filling.
  2. Place the pastry in the fridge on floured baking trays for  30 minutes to an hour to cool.

The filling

  1. Start by sealing your beef fillets in a really hot pan with a knob of butter.  Colour both sides of the fillets and place them to one side to rest.
  2. Now sweat down four finely chopped shallots in the pan used to seal the beef fillets. 
  3. While the shallots are sweating gently, roughly chop all of your mushrooms.
  4. Add the mushrooms to the pan with the shallots and another knob of butter, and fry gently until the mushrooms start to sturn colour and start to render down.
  5. Just before taking the mushrooms off the heat, through in your chopped thyme and leave for around a minute.

Filling the Wellingtons

  1. Once most of the liquid has cooked off from the mushrooms, place equal amounts in the centre of each pastry square, and place the beef fillets on top.  The quantity of mushrooms should be about a level tablespoon, as you need to save some over for the sauce. Pour any meat juices into the mushroom pan for the sauce later.
  2. Brush egg wash around the edges of the pastry and fold the corners in and on top of the beef fillets to create a neat parcel, before flipping the Wellington over. You can gently shape your Wellington at this point to make it nice and symetrical.
  3. Just before cooking cut a couple of horizontal lines into the top of each Wellington to allow steam to escape., and give them a really good egg wash.
  4. Place you beef wellingtons in a preheated oven for around 14 minutes at 200 C.

 The sauce

  1. To make a great sauce bring up the heat on the remainder of your mushrooms, and add a good splash of sherry as it starts to sizzle.
  2. After ten or so seconds pour in 200ml of double cream, you can add more if you want more sauce.
  3. Leave it to bubble for about two minutes before serving with the Wellingtons and your choice of vegetables or salad.