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Nigel Slater, Simple Cooking - Spicy and cool

For Nigel's third episode of his Simple cooking series he will be treating us to some great recipes which contrast between hot and spicy and cool and refreshing. If you haven't already realised, Nigel is fascinated by interesting combinations in flavours and sensations, and there's nothing more contrasting than the subject if this episode. So, what't on the menu for episode 3? Well, first up is an all-time classic of Indian AND English cuisine, the good old chicken curry.

Home cooking made easy - Simple

It feels like only days have passed since Lorraine Pascale's new cooking series blasted onto our screens, but alas it has once again come to an end. Monday 17 October will be the fourth and final episode of her great new cooking show, Home cooking made easy. The final episode will be called "Simple", and will have some great recipes and ideas. Read on for details of the show. First on the menu will be a couple of great little canapés. First there will be Lorraine's very own Sausage roll's big night out, which will be a great twist on the traditional sausage roll.

Jamie's Great Britain

If the first two episodes of everyone's favourite cockney chef haven't got your cooking minds in a spin, the third episode will! We will be joining Jamie Oliver in South Wales where he will make a surprising discovery. He learns that there is a buzzing community of multiple cultures to be found in Wales, including a large Italian population.

Great British Food Revival - Herbs and cabbage

You might think that a TV program featuring cabbage as a main ingredient would be a real turn off but stay with us here, this is the Great British Food Revival so if you enjoy a bit of cabbage, you’re in for a treat. It is a widely known fact that British produce never gets a fair go, and often you will see huge ranges of produce from countries like Spain and Portugal placed in front of our own home grown varieties. Herbs are a fine example of this, and episode six of The Great British Food Revival sets out to champion the amazingly diverse range of produce grown in the UK.

Masterchef the professionals 2011 - Episode 2

Welcome to episode 2 of Masterchef the professionals 2011. After proving themselves to Monica Galetti in the first round, the contestants get to meet Michel Roux Jr. for the first time, and are given a real challenge to sort the men from the boys. In tonight's show the group of ten have been split in two, with the second group meeting their challenge tomorrow evening. In the group tonight were Sebastien, Dan, Oli, Ben and Steve. To start the contestants are put to work by Monica Galetti making three caramel decorations on panna cotta.

Kev is second contestant to leave Masterchef the professionals 2011

In tonight's show it was the second groups turn take up Monica Galetti's challenge. Last night it was caramel decorations, which couldn't be further from tonight's challenge which was to make a crab salad. After Monica Galetti finishes her demonstration on how to do it, the contestants take it in turns to try their hand at the crab salad, and unfortunately this was the beginning of the end for Kev.