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Lorraine Pascale returns with a new show - Cooking made easy

Fans of Lorraine Pascale will be pleased to see her return to the kitchen and our TV screens next week, when the first episode of her new cooking show, Cooking made easy will be screened. Lorraine's first attempt at a cookery show - Baking made easy, was met with massive approval and viewing figures, and now the UK's newest queen of the kitchen will be showing us some great cooking tips along with some top recipes. So what can we expect from Lorraine's first show?

Home cooking made easy - Favourites

Lorraine Pascale's latest cooking series - Home cooking made easy got off to a great start last week with some great and simple recipes. The Butternut squash soup and Asian Chilli jam went down particularly well. In episode 2 of Home cooking made easy Lorraine will be treating us to some of her all-time favourite recipes which includes a beautiful prosciutto and brie toastie which takes just a few minutes to make. Next on the list is a chocolate recipe - no surprises there then!