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Lorraine Pascale's slow roast pork

Lorraine pushes the boat out with her slow roast pork recipe.  Cooking her joint of meet for 6 hours means that it will be succulent and tender, and just fall apart.  Lorraine managed to get a great crackling as well, which many people can have problems with.

We were so impressed with Lorraine's recipe that we have developed our own version with some great extra little tips to help get the perfect roast pork, and more importantly, a great crackling!

Top tips for cooking a perfect roast pork

  • Use a good roasting potato like a King Edward
  • Slash the pork skin nice and deeply to help flavours penetrate and crackling to form
  • Use bicarbonate of soda to help the crackling really crackle!
  • Throw a sprig of your favourite herb (we recommend Rosemary) into the roasting tin to help create a great tasting gravy
  • Make sure you know your timings before you start.  There may be long periods of time between each action, but make sure you know when everything needs preparing and putting in the oven.