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Jamie Oliver's homemade waffles

  1. To start his homemade waffle recipe, Jamie breaks two free range eggs into a large mixing bowl with 300ml of fresh milk and a pinch of salt. He whisks this all together.

  2. Jamie then adds 225grams of self raising flour to the mixture and continues to whisk, before adding his baking powder.

  3. When Jamie mixes in 100 grams of melted butter to create his perfect waffle batter.

  4. Jamie explains that it's best to leave the waffle batter to rest for around 30 minutes before cooking with it.

  5. After the batter has rested and bubbles have formed, he pours it into a hot buttered griddle pan.

  6. Jamie smooths the batter out over the entire surface of the pan and leaves to cook. He explains that you could pour smaller amounts in, creating individual waffles if you're not happy with flipping such a large waffle.

  7. Jamie advises that the waffle will take around 20 minutes to cook through. You should lift the edges occasionally to check for colour, and when it reaches a rich golden colour, you should flip the waffle to cook the other side.

  8. Once the waffle has cooked through, Jamie’s tips it out of the griddle pan and spreads maple syrup generously over the top before cutting into long slices.